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After sustaining an injury himself and undergoing physical therapy, Dr. Cody Luttrell started a journey to improve his wellness and wanted to help others achieve this goal as well. Since that injury Cody has spent over 7 years participating and learning about functional and CrossFit training. He decided the best way to help others was to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree and graduated from Franklin Pierce University. Dr. Luttrell has continued to develop his knowledge by becoming certified in dry needling, and Selective Functional Movement Screen as well as constant continuing education to improve his manual therapy and movement assessment skills. 


He enjoys staying up on the latest research in order to improve himself and the physical therapy practice in order to deliver the best care to each client.


When Cody is not working, he is spending time with his wife, his two sons, family and Corgi mix dog. He enjoys staying active, playing all different sports, participating in Crossfit, running, mountain biking, watching sports including SF Giants and SF 49ers, eating and cooking new foods.

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Physical therapists are movement experts and have extensive training of the human body and how it moves. Our goal is to help you recover from injury or pain without the need for surgery, medicine, or expensive procedures while also teaching optimal movement patterns for your body in order to maintain health throughout your life.